About Us

About Us

The Sonoma County Forest Conservation Working Group is a team with forestry and conservation expertise working together to provide education and resources to forest landowners with the goal of protecting and sustaining healthy forests, woodlands, and watersheds in Sonoma County. Members represent forest landowners, local and regional land trusts, watershed councils, and state and local agencies.

Baseline Consulting

Arthur Dawson, baselineconsult.com

Bodega Land Trust

Sandy Sharp, www.bodeganet.com/landtrust/


Meghan Reeves, http://www.fire.ca.gov/

California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Jeanne Chinn, https://www.wildlife.ca.gov/conservation/timber

Coast Ridge Community Forest

Judy Rosales

Fire Safe Sonoma

Caerleon Safford, firesafesonoma.org

Friends of Mark West Watershed

Penny Sirota, www.markwestwatershed.org

Forest, Soil & Water, Inc.

Fred Euphrat, Ph.D., RPF, www.euphrat.org

Greenbelt Alliance

Dee Swanhuyser, www.greenbelt.org

Gualala River Watershed Council

Jill Butler, http://grwc.info

Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation

Brent Reed, http://www.lagunafoundation.org

Natural Resources Conservation Service

Drew Loganbill, https://www.nrcs.usda.gov/wps/portal/nrcs/site/national/home/

Pepperwood Preserve

Lisa Micheli, Devyn Friedfel, https://www.pepperwoodpreserve.org/

Permit Sonoma

Lisa Hulette, https://www.permitsonoma.org

Santa Rosa Junior College

Kasey Wade, www.santarosa.edu

Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District

Kim Batchelder, www.sonomaopenspace.org

Sonoma Ecology Center

Caitlin Cornwall, www.sonomaecologycenter.org

Sonoma Land Trust

Ariel Patashnik, www.sonomalandtrust.org

Sonoma Resource Conservation District

Earle Cummings, Jeff Schreiber,  www.sonomarcd.org

University of California Cooperative Extension

Steven Swain, http://cemarin.ucanr.edu

The Wildlands Conservancy

Brook Edwards, http://www.wildlandsconservancy.org/

Mission Statement

OUR MISSION: Protecting Forests Across Landscapes and Through Generations

OUR GOALS: To perpetuate sustainable, healthy, and diverse forests, woodlands and watersheds across the Sonoma County landscape, and to be a catalyst, source of information, and point of contact for forestland owners.

STRATEGIES: Provide forest landowners with access to information, expert consultants, and funding opportunities. These will address topics including forest and watershed health, land management plans, funding sources, conservation easements, estate and financial planning, fire safety, income-generation, carbon sequestration, inventories, and environmental services.

OUTREACH AUDIENCE: Private landowners of coniferous forests and/or oak woodlands. These landowners control over 513,000 acres, constituting 50.5% of Sonoma County.

THE LANDSCAPE: There are approximately 513,388 acres of coniferous forests and oak woodlands in Sonoma County. Most of the oak woodland and over 68 percent (132,236 acres) of the coniferous forestland is controlled by private non-industrial landowners. These unique forests and woodlands are found in few other places in the world, and provide a suite of economic and non-economic benefits to the citizens of Sonoma County, including fish and wildlife habitat, clean air and water, recreational opportunities, and scenic attributes. A number of factors, including population growth, regulatory requirements, and changes in the local and global economy are creating pressure to convert forests and woodlands to other uses.

WHO WE ARE: We are a group with forestry and conservation expertise working to provide information and resources to forest landowners with the goal of protecting, sustaining and increasing the health of forests, woodlands, and watersheds in Sonoma County. Members represent local and regional land trusts, watershed councils, and state and local agencies.



This paper describes the creation, function, and accomplishments of the Sonoma County Forest Conservation Work Group. It was presented by Dr. Fred Euphrat at the Coastal Redwood Symposium at UC Santa Cruz in 2011.

STRATEGIC PLAN (2018 – 2023)

The Sonoma County Forest Conservation Working Group Strategic Plan will be comprised of fulfilling the main activities of the Working Group in meeting its above stated mission. Working Group members represent multiple organizations with differing roles within the fields of forestry and conservation and leverage one another’s knowledge and technical expertise for achieving the Working Group’s goals. This strategic plan is organized by central activities the Working Group will carry out over the next five years: education and outreach; operations; service provision; and fundraising. Learn more…

Protecting forests across landscapes and through generations…