ROI Carbonator 500 Demonstration Day

This is an affiliate event, lead by Sonoma Biochar Initiative and hosted by Dan Falk of Falk Forestry in collaboration with Richardson Ranch, LLC.

This event is an opportunity to see the use of the RIO Carbonator 500, an innovative biomass processor. This machine can process up to 15 tons per hour of surplus biomass in a more efficient and less polluting way than open pile burning while also producing biochar, a valuable soil amendment.

Many of you may have heard of this new technology which is similar to an air curtain burner but designed to convert and save some of the biomass as biochar. This is an opportunity to see it in action.  This industrial-scale machine is on tracks and is movable from site to site, making it ideal for use on fuels reduction or fire recovery projects where large volumes of low-value material can be upcycled into a value-added product.

Chipping is not required, saving both time and money, and by converting a portion of the biomass into biochar some of the carbon that would have otherwise been released into the atmosphere is conserved and used to improve soil fertility.

Matt O’Connor from ROI Equipment, the manufacturers of the Carbonator, will be on hand to answer technical questions, and SBI’s Director Raymond Baltar will be available to answer questions about biochar. The location of the demonstration is the Falk Forest sawmill in northern Sonoma County near the coast. The event is from 11 A.M. to 3 P.M., includes a catered lunch, and it is free. However, you must pre-register so we have an idea how much food to provide.

Please go here to register.

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