Helping private landowners in Sonoma County sustain healthy forests, oak woodlands and watersheds.


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Workshops, lectures, funding
information and technical expertise

on forestry and conservation through our volunteers and interagency associations including:


Who Are We?

We are a group with forestry and conservation expertise working to provide information and resources to forest landowners with the goal of protecting, sustaining and increasing the health of forests, woodlands, and watersheds in Sonoma County. Members represent local and regional land trusts, watershed councils, and state and local agencies.

Workshops and lectures include marketing forest products, managing inventories, fish and wildlife habitat, fire safety, land conservation, conservation easements, carbon sequestration, funding information, and more. We offer consultations and referrals.

Sonoma County's conifer forests and oak woodlands cover 514,000 acres. More than 93% of parcels are smaller than 100 acres. Sudden Oak Death occurs on about 80,000 acres.

Protecting forests across landscapes and through generations…