Seeding Change

Seeding Change

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Conference Shorts

September 17, 2020 Members Meeting on Zoom

Watch the September 17, 2020 Members Meeting as recorded on Zoom

Scorched areas in Sonoma and Napa can remain vulnerable

Great information and helpful framework for thinking about future fires in our area, including the challenge that type conversion poses to our woodlands that have evolved with low-severity fire.

Community destruction during extreme wildfires is a home ignition problem

Sobering and essential article from our modern leader in wildland-urban interface home defense research, Jack Cohen, and his colleague Dave Strohmaier.

Western Monarch Crisis

Sharing this very informative (though dense) web resource on the Western Monarch crisis and the protection and enhancement of this migratory butterfly’s various habitats. It has both overwintering and breeding habitat in Sonoma County.

Bouverie Preserve Fire, Vegetation and Integrated Analysis Study

Hi everyone,

Here’s the executive summary for the Bouverie Preserve Fire, Vegetation and Integrated Analysis Study. Comments and feedback welcome.

Thanks, Arthur Dawson

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