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The Forest Working Group is a network of land managers that communicates regularly about local forestry issues. Any member of the public can join the Forest Working Group. It is meant to be an open-access resource to all. There is no cost to join the network, and members are all volunteers (except for one paid coordinator).

The benefits of the Working Group network include participating in an on-going conversation with local forestry practitioners about the state of forestry and individual members’ operations. We discuss best practices, challenges, opportunities, advice and resources. We collaborate to achieve the greatest outcomes. From our conversations, new solutions arise to common problems. See a summary of our accomplishments to date.

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Introduce Yourself – Membership is free, and anyone can become a member. Join by introducing yourself to the coordinator, Adriana Stagnaro. Send her an email with your name and a line about your interest in the Forest Working Group. She’ll make sure you are signed up to receive notices and plugged in on Group activities.

Join the Members Listserv – Members join the Forest Working Group listserv on to receive notices and communications between members. This group communicates about upcoming meetings and Working Group business, relevant news, requests and offers, networking opportunities, and more. You can set your preferences for how you’d like to receive notices in the settings. Apply for membership to the listserv.

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