Forest Stewardship 101

Forest Landowner Stewardship Directory

With so many government resources, contractors and community programs available, it might be hard to know where to start. Our Forest Landowner Stewardship Directory will walk you through the myriad resources available to managers of forestlands, big and small. This directory is designed to be a useful guide to forest landowners of all parcel sizes to find the professional help they need to achieve responsible forest management. See the Directory.

Forest Management Plan Support from UCANR

Land managers interested in getting support preparing a forest management plan may enjoy participating in UCANR’s Forest Stewardship Plan Workshop series. This workshop series will help landowners develop plans to improve and protect their forest lands in an ecologically and economically sustainable manner. The workshops will address management objectives and planning, forest restoration, fuels reduction, project development, permitting, and cost-share opportunities. Participants will connect with other landowners and learn how to collect information to develop their own management plans.

Forest Stewardship E-learning Tool from UCCE

Landowners can start their forest management planning process through a new self-paced e-learning tool UCCE developed. This can be accessed at:

UCANR Forest Stewardship Research and Outreach

Find a comprehensive list of resources for forest stewardship at the UC ANR Forest Research and Outreach – Forest Stewardship.

UC ANR 24-part series on Forest Stewardship is an excellent educational series touching on the most prominent issues in forest stewardship. The information provided in these resources is applicable to all landownership types and sizes.

UCCE Mendocino-Sonoma Forest Resources and News

Find educational resources from UCCE specific to the Mendocino and Sonoma counties at UCCE Mendocino County: Forestry. Reports on research related to forest health, forestry resources, oak woodland management, Sudden Oak Death, wood biomass, and forestry workshops

The Forest Management Handbook for Small Parcel Landowners in the Sierra Nevada and Southern Cascade Range

The Forest Management Handbook for Small Parcel Landowners in the Sierra Nevada and Southern Cascade Range provides succinct, straightforward, and thorough information to help them develop a sound forest management strategy for their property.  This handbook was assembled by synthesizing information from a large body of current scientific literature, including printed and online sources, that provides relevant technical information for forest landowners. It is organized in a step-by-step manner to help landowners assess the condition of their property to make informed decisions rooted in the best available science.

Planning and Permitting Forest Fuel-Reduction Projects on Private Lands in California

This publication presents some key considerations and insights into selecting the appropriate permit to facilitate fuel-reduction projects on private lands—and offers insights into permitting larger fuel projects that involve multiple owners or multiple funding sources. The publication is organized around projects that take place before or after wildfires. It is intended for foresters, private owners of both small and large parcels of land, natural-resource professionals, and project developers. The publication includes decision trees to help landowners and resource managers crosswalk projects to permits.

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