Workshop & Presentation Recordings

Workshop & Presentation Recordings

“Stewarding Forests for Wildlife and Fire Resilience at Pepperwood Preserve”

Presented by Devyn Friedfel, Pepperwood Preserve, Assistant Preserve Manager. Overview of Pepperwood’s forest stewardship plan, activities and monitoring. Includes fire fuels reduction, prescribed burning, pile burning, invasive plant control, and wildlife habitat retention. November 2021.  Watch here.

“Low-tech Biochar Production Demonstration and Implementation Workshop”

Presented by Ellie Insley, Sonoma Ecology Center,  Director. Brief overview of a workshop held in November 2021 in Graton, CA. Demonstrated a low tech, inexpensive method for producing biochar on-site. The crew processed 50 yards of Acacia tree slash, cut last year to create defensible space. The “ring of fire” kilns were used; these are a great alternative to chipping or open pile burning. They produce biochar, while also reducing smoke pollution compared to standard open burn piles. Questions,  email Ellie Insley: More resources on biochar can be found here. November 2021.  Watch here.

“Pacific Union College Forest Fuel Break Maintenance: An Update”

Presented by Peter Lecourt, Pacific Union College, Forester Manager. Brief update on the equipment and strategy employed to maintain and expand the PUC’s ridgeline fire fuel break in Angwin, Napa County. October 2021.  Watch here.

“2021 Fire Season Outlook”

Presented by Fire Chief Marshall Turbeville, chief of the Geyserville-based Northern Sonoma County Fire District, Cal Fire battalion chief. In depth forecast for the north Bay Area 2021 fire season. July 2021. Watch here.

“Sonoma County Vital Lands Initiative”

Presented by Sonoma Ag + Open Space staff. the Vital Lands Initiative is a long-range comprehensive plan to prioritize the land conservation activities of Sonoma County Ag + Open Space through 2031. The plan was developed with the best available science and data, as well as extensive input from Ag + Open Space partners and the community, to ensure the document reflects the knowledge and expertise of stakeholders and the land conservation goals of the Sonoma County voters. June 2021.  Watch here.

“Ecological Principles and Practices for Fire Fuels Management”

Caitlin Cornwall, Ellie Insley and Jason Mills present on ecological principles and practices for fire fuels management at the May 27, 2021 Sonoma County Fire Safe Alliance meeting. May 2021. Watch here.

“Wildfire Fuel Mapper Tool”

Presented by Tosha Comendant, Pepperwood Preserve, Conservation Science Manager. While fuel reduction projects require maps and information about a landscape, there are few tools to assist Sonoma County landowners and managers in locating and understanding fire hazards on their land. The Wildfire Fuel Mapper project was created to help address this gap, providing users with a set of tools, resources, and information to help Sonoma County landowners and managers reduce fire hazards. These tools and resources include detailed maps of landscape elements that help users assess fire hazards, and resources to support users in taking the next step in managing fuels and reducing fire hazards. The Mapper helps landowners to, understand vegetation types, understand the need for fuel treatments in Sonoma County, obtain information on planning and implementing fuel treatments in Sonoma County, and obtain maps for their property or watershed. May 2021. Watch here.

“Spring 2021 CAL FIRE Grant Program Presentation and Q&A”

Presented by Chief Tom Knecht, Pre-Fire Division Chief of the Vegetation Management Program and Chief Ben Nicholls, Sonoma County Operations Chief, for the CAL FIRE Sonoma Lake Napa Unit. They took questions about the Spring 2021 CAL FIRE grant programs. Discusses Fire Prevention Grant Program and Forest Health program briefly. April 2021. Watch here.

“Pacific Union College Demonstration and Experimental Forest at Angwin, an Overview”

Presented by Peter Lecourt, Pacific Union College Forest Manager and Board Member of the Napa Communities Firewise Foundation. Discusses the management approach, projects and treatments on the PUC forest, including timber harvest, shaded fuel breaks, prescribed fire and thinning. February 2021. Watch here.

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