Introduction to Healthy Forested Watersheds

Private landowners can have a great impact on the watershed through everyday actions and restoration activities. Working to improve the watershed may also improve your property and your quality of life. Start by finding out about the issues affecting your area and learn what can be done to address them.

Resource Conservation Districts

Resource Conservation Districts host a wealth of information about Sonoma County’s Watersheds.

Individual Watershed Resources

For more resources specific to individual watersheds, see these links below:

Gualala River Watershed


Russian River Watershed

Stewardship Guide for the Russian River

Maacama and Upper Mark West Creek Integrated Watershed Management Plan

Laguna de Santa Rosa Watershed

Management Tips to Enhance Land & Water Quality For Small Acreage Properties

Copeland Creek Watershed Assessment

Austin Creek Watershed

Dry Creek Watershed

Petaluma River Watershed

Friends of the Petaluma River

Petaluma Historical Hydrology and Ecology Study

Draft Petaluma Watershed Enhancement Plan

San Antonio Creek Watershed Plan

Salmon Creek Watershed

Bodega Land Trust

Sonoma Creek Watershed

Lower Sonoma Creek Flood Management and Ecosystem Enhancement

Sonoma and Carriger Creeks Alluvial Fan Assessment

Regional Watershed Management & Fish Recovery Plans

The state and local governments have developed a number of plans to guide private and public efforts to improve watershed health.

Watershed Management

Coho Salmon Recovery:

California Coastal Chinook Salmon, Northern California Steelhead, & Central California Coast Steelhead:

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