In December 2020, the Working Group held a virtual workshop designed to provide forest landowners and other rural landowners with the training and resources they need to heal their land post-fire.

  1. Event agenda
  2. View a recording of the workshop
  3. View the Fire Recovery Resources Guide for Forest and Rural Landowners

2020 Updates from CAL FIRE and Permit Sonoma Fire Prevention Division (July 2020)

  1. 2020 Fire Season Outlook
    1. See CAL FIRE Chief Marshall Turbeville’s presentation
    2. Access updated predictive reports here
  2. County’s Hazardous Vegetation Abatement and Inspection Ordinance Updates
    1. Watch the recorded conversation with Permit Sonoma Fire Marshal James Williams here
  3. Countywide Community Wildfire Protection Plan Update
    1. Watch the recorded conversation with Caerleon Safford here (start video at 9 minutes)
    2. b) Discuss vegetation fuel management needs throughout the county
  4. Watch the recorded conversation with CAL FIRE Chief Ben Nicholls here

UC ANR Fire in California

UC ANR’s Fire in California website is a great hub of information for fire science and ecology, fire as a tool, wildfire preparedness and restoration, and UC fire-related news.

UCCE Sonoma’s Fire Resources is another place to find useful fire-related resources.

New! Assessing Post-fire Tree Mortality

UCCE Sonoma County Fire Resources

Uuseful fire-related resources including local program updates, recent research, webinars and videos, and more.

California Fire Safe Council

California Fire Safe Council is the statewide organization supporting the formation and operation of local fire safe councils. This is meant to be a one-stop shop for starting a fire safe council in your neighborhood.

Fire Safe Sonoma is the county-wide fire safe council. Fire safe councils provide educational, technical and financial support to landowners and neighborhoods that want to learn more about fire preparedness, plan for wildfire and improve their home’s defensible space.

California Prescribed Burn Associations

Prescribed Burn Associations (PBAs) are community based, mutual aid networks that help private landowners put “good fire” on their land. The Cal PBA website is a one-stop shop for PBAs in California – providing contact information for active PBAs and useful prescribed fire resources.

Prescribed Burning And You

Fire Forward’s guide for landowners and land managers. This guide outlines what you need to know and do if you are interested in bringing good fire back to your land. It may help you to better assess your readiness in planning, preparing, and supporting a prescribed fire.

The Wildfire Fuel Mapper

While fuel reduction projects require maps and information about a landscape, there are few tools to assist Sonoma County landowners and managers in locating and understanding fire hazards on their land. The Wildfire Fuel Mapper project was created to help address this gap, providing users with a set of tools, resources, and information to help Sonoma County landowners and managers reduce fire hazards. These tools and resources include detailed maps of landscape elements that help users assess fire hazards, and resources to support users in taking the next step in managing fuels and reducing fire hazards. The Mapper helps landowners to, understand vegetation types, understand the need for fuel treatments in Sonoma County, obtain information on planning and implementing fuel treatments in Sonoma County, and obtain maps for their property or watershed. Watch a presentation on the tool here.

Fire Safe Sonoma’s “Living with Wildfire”

“Living with Wildfire” is an essential homeowner’s guide for understanding fire risk and preparing for future wildfire. Find guidance on creating defensible space and hardening your home.

Sonoma Ecology Center’s “Re-Imagine Your Landscape”

Sonoma Ecology Center’s “Re-imagine Your Landscape” is a quick guide of fire-wise and ecological principles for land management in Sonoma Valley.

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