This great article comes from Jason Wells, Registered Professional Forester for the Sonoma Resource Conservation District. He wrote this article for the Bodega Land Trust’s 2020 Journal.

Excerpt: “I understand that the idea of removing trees may be difficult to face, but I hope to convince you that it really is in the forest’s best interest, and in ours, too. The next time you go out walking your woods, or take a drive on our wooded country roads, take a look at the forest with fresh eyes. Could you imagine the forest looking more open? Looking safer? Looking more beautiful? It’s time for Sonoma County to think with an open mind about the benefits of ecologically- and scientifically-sound forest management, which, counter-intuitively, may include logging to meet our goals.”

Read the full article here.

See the Bodega Land Trust’s full 2020 Newsletter here.

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