Landowner Education

Education Is Our Priority

We are focused on making education and technical assistance readily available for forest landowners. Throughout the years, we have provided landowner education through these offerings. Is there more that we can do? Please fill out our survey to let us know how we can best support your educational goals.

  • Special topic “brownbag” seminars

    These one-hour presentations take place during Members monthly meetings. Example topics include the carbon cycle, carbon sequestration, and monetizing carbon credits; oak ecology and history in Sonoma County; Sonoma County fire history and ecology; biomass utilization, biochar production; cogeneration renewable energy systems.

  • Forest Stewardship workshops

    All-day classes, with a morning session focusing on forest ecology, roads and fisheries, fire safety, Sudden Oak Death, and conservation easements as a tool for family succession. The afternoon is a field tour for participants to visit sites that highlight the practices discussed during the morning session.

  • House meetings

    Invite educators from the Forest Working Group to come to your neighborhood for a “house meeting.” Neighbors can discuss their needs, possibilities and future options for forest management with the helpful advice of a forestry educator.

  • Forest Conservation Conferences

    These multi-day conferences are scheduled every few years to bring together landowners, foresters, resource management professionals, agency representatives, and students interested in protecting forests and forest resources. Conference field trips have brought attendees to the Jenner Headlands, the Pepperwood Preserve, Gualala River, Mill Creek and Bear Flat Forest, and the Berry family’s property and mill and more.

  • Monthly members meetings

    Open to the public, these meetings bring members together to discuss the issues of the day, check in with each other on member operations and make progress on Working Group projects.

  • Quarterly e-newsletter

    Keeps landowners apprised of learning opportunities hosted by the Forest Working Group and its partners. Sign up below to receive the e-newsletter.

  • Our Stewardship Tools

    Are meant to be an online resource for landowner education. View Here.

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